Inspiring Workplaces: 100 Positive Moments

Published: Wed, 12/16/20

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Humor at Work ISSUE 852- Dec. 16, 2020
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    100 Positive Moments


There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that humans are hardwired to find and focus on the negative more easily than the positive. This so-called "negativity bias" refers to our tendency to focus on, learn from, and even use negative information far more than positive information. We recall and remember insults far more powerfully than the compliments we received; we mull over unpleasant events far longer than positive events. 

But, there is hope! Tapping into your sense of humor, practicing mindfulness, and intentionally rewiring your brain can help you overcome negativity bias. And listening to my friend last weekend, the inspiring author and speaker Tom Watson, I was reminded of something dirt simple we can all do. Tom spoke about how each and every day he purposefully looks for 100 moments
of positivity.

These are small, often dirt simple, everyday moments we might otherwise take for granted as they race by us. The first sip of coffee. Patting your dog. The sound of laughter. Or the simple fact that you woke up!

So, why not try this for a week: Use a handheld counter or an app on your smart phone (or heck, a pencil and small notebook) and tally each positive moment throughout your day and see if you can reach 100 as a way to intentionally focus on the positive. Turn this into a team event by challenging everyone on your team to do the same for one day or even a week, and have everyone share their final tallies.   

    Mike's Fun at Work Tip
Another meeting icebreaker to try on for size: Create a list of 5-10 "either/or" type questions, such as "cats or dogs?", "tuna or salmon?" and  "Saturdays or Sundays?". Then go around the room one question at a time and have everyone shout out their choice.
    Quote of the Week
"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."  Albert Einstein
    It's a Wacky World
You just had to know that when Marissa Helms and David Mayo got married, their recipe for success was going to include mayonnaise. The couple had actually bonded over their love of mayonnaise, and with their surnames condimenting each other so nicely, they opted for a mayonnaise-themed wedding! This caught the eye of Hellman's Mayonnaise, earning them complimentary matching bomber jackets, a year's supply of free mayonnaise, and a mayonnaise jar-shaped cake! 


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