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How will history remember 2023?

Published: Thu, 01/05/23

So, here we are five days on from what was an interesting year. There is plenty to comment on if I felt so inclined. The death of the Queen. War in…

Preparation for an uncertain future

Published: Fri, 12/23/22

Iduna and I went to a Winter Solstice ritual at a home in Hull on Wednesday night. Just a dozen of us around a small fire in the garden and then some…

Is eight billion enough?

Published: Wed, 11/30/22

Apparently the world population has just reached eight billion people. The statistics have been stacking up for quite some time, so no great surprise…

Wearing, or not wearing, a poppy with pride?

Published: Sun, 11/13/22

In the centre of Hull, right opposite the railway station is a rather fine war memorial. The figures of two soldiers caught up in the heat of battle…

Losing your way

Published: Mon, 10/24/22

Last Saturday I took Iduna for a second visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum. Okay, it is more interesting for me than her, but it is a day out and she…

No poison without an antidote

Published: Fri, 10/14/22

Some one on my email list responded to my last post and suggested that my my attitude to Russia and the ‘va ’ ‘seemed pretty removed from reality’.

Living too long?

Published: Tue, 10/04/22

How long is long enough? The Queen recently died at 96. A couple of weeks before the royal death I went to the funeral of my wife’s grandfather who…

A king, or just a very rich man?

Published: Sat, 09/17/22

On Sunday September the 11th Sky News broadcast footage of a large group of people marching in London. The so called ‘News’ organisation reported this…

The power of credit

Published: Fri, 08/05/22

Last week I wrote about the dangers of debt and the position of weakness that a debtor can find themselves in. Whether being owed money you can’t…

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