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Why I didn't march for Gaza

Published: Sun, 11/19/23

A key principle of rune counselling (and probably any other divination method) is that you would be well advised not to do third party readings. By…

Just don't touch the third rail

Published: Mon, 10/30/23

Any one notice that, although the media has regular reports on ‘Israel’s war on Hamas’ almost no one is actually talking about it ,whether on social…

Don't take sides

Published: Sun, 10/22/23

There is a short film doing the rounds by the American comedian Ryan Long which makes a joke of how people think that ought to react to the events in…

The problem with Martial Arts

Published: Fri, 10/13/23

This time last week I was preparing to drive to Salisbury to lead a course on Saturday. We had si people attend, which seemed to be just the right…

Why no Capital Day?

Published: Wed, 09/20/23

I read a post the other day which asked the question: America has a Labour Day, which according to Wikipedia is: ‘A federal holiday in the United…

Every tradition began somewhere

Published: Sat, 09/02/23

Just a short post this time, but links to hopefully interesting stuff.It seems that I had some part to play in promoting a 'new' tradition which then…

Stuck in the mud

Published: Mon, 08/07/23

Started this post on Sunday morning here in sunny Gloucestershire, and it is indeed sunny, with just the hint of a gentle breeze. Quite a change from…

I get around

Published: Thu, 08/03/23

Here I am, in a field in Gloucestershire, helping to set up the Spirit of Awen camp which starts properly on Friday. Venetia and Iduna should be…

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