Happy New Year

Published: Wed, 01/03/24

Happy new year and I hope that you had a better Christmas than we did. Our plan was to go to my sister and her family for Christmas day and stay so that we could catch up with my brother and family too. We made it in time for lunch and then our 4 year old daughter Iduna started showing signs that she was unwell. In particular her neck swelled up on one side and she was unable to move her head from side to side. She passed and uncomfortable night and at 0830hrs on Boxing day we were in Epsom hospital casualty department hoping to find out what was wrong with her. A throat swab was taken as part of a general investigation and it was agreed that she should be kept in hospital for investigation.
By the afternoon we were at St Helier’s Hospital in South West London in a private room on the children’s ward. We were allocated the private space because the throat swab apparently showed up Covid. So, we had the benefit of a private space with the disadvantage of being effectively in isolation. Swings and roundabouts I guess, and it could have been worse. As it was she spent three days in bed when she wasn’t feeling well anyway, watched her favorite children’s films, and was the centre of attention.
The medics eventually decided that Iduna had a Streptococcus A infection which had caused her lymph glands to swell up causing the pain and stiff neck. On Friday evening Iduna was discharged with a course of antibiotics to take over the following 10 days in three daily doses. She really does not like the taste but has been bravely taking them anyway.
When we got back I tried to log into my Facebook account and discovered I have been deleted from the network. I am not being told why either. The only reason for my banishment that I can think of is that I have been linking to email posts which are critical of what is happening in the Middle East. I had noticed that the reach of my posts was diminishing all the time. I am not sure how I feel about it. I don’t think I have been on Facebook all that long, less than 10 years I think. In that time I have built up four or five hundred friends, a lot of people I didn’t really know, but a good many were people I knew at school or college, served with in the Territorial Army, or had got to know at various camps even if I only saw them once a year.
There is also the Ice and Fire Stav FB group which has nearly 230 members and I can usually reach about 60 of them when I post to it. I have now opened a new account and we will see what happens. However, I don’t really like the idea that I will have to be very careful what I post or I will get kicked off again. Maybe it it time to see what I can do with Twitter. I do have a Gab account and post there sometimes, although without much engagement compared with what I used to enjoy on Facebook.
Talking of Twitter, the other day I followed a link to a post which explains why our world is dominated by propaganda and politicians, and why pretty much all politicians, and everyone else in public life, lies so often. This lack of truth in public discourse is the fundamental problem with our world. Those who would tell the truth, or simply challenge the veracity of the statements of those in power, are all too often silenced, censored, or even locked up as has been the fate of Julian Assange. Why does this happen? When there is a belief in a God who values truth and who cannot be lied to, then lying is a sin and an offence against the divine order. However, in a rationalist, secular, materialist society telling the truth is seen as dangerous and the liars seem to have the advantage, at least in the short term. Please check out this post which puts it better than I can
I hope that 2024 is getting off to a good start for you and don’t be depressed at the state of the world. There is no longer any excuse for ignorance of evil intent on the part of a few desperate people. It is always our choice what we collaborate with. There is no doubt that 2024 is going to be an interesting year as more and more people see for themselves the agendas being imposed on us and decide to reject them.
PS Six months until Stavcamp 2024 with the theme of freedom. Lies and propaganda are powerful methods of control. Yet the ability to see through to the truth will set you free. http://stavcamp.org/
Graham Butcher
21 Beaver Road
Beverley East Yorkshire HU17 0QN

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