Why I didn't march for Gaza

Published: Sun, 11/19/23

A key principle of rune counselling (and probably any other divination method) is that you would be well advised not to do third party readings. By this I mean that you should only read for the person sitting directly in front of you and not for someone the querant is asking for. For example if a mother were to ask me to read runes on the question of whether or not her daughter (or son) should marry a particular person I would refuse. Even if the reading suggested that the marriage was likely to be disastrous how could this knowledge be of any use? When the vicar asks: ‘Does anyone know of any just cause or impediment why these two persons should not marry?’ Shouting out that the runes predict a life of unhappiness and strife is not going to help the situation.
I would be happy to explore a mother’s own attitude towards her prospective son or daughter in law, but the choice of the bride or groom is none of my business, unless they were to consult me directly.
Since my last post I have written two missives which I have not felt able to send out to the list. Last week I was also wondering if I should participate in Saturday’s protest on behalf of Palestine in London. Hyde Park corner, from which the march was due to begin, is a long way from East Yorkshire. However, I managed it on two occasions for anti lockdown protests a couple of years ago, so it would have been possible.
So, don’t I care about the plight of the people of Gaza? If I could protest the imposition of the covid hoax why not show solidarity with those suffering from oppression in the Middle East? Something discouraged me from involving myself with the public protest and it has taken me a while to understand my own position on the matter.
The covid nonsense meant that the government directly and deliberately interfered with my life and the lives of my family and members of my community. This personal interference demanded a direct and public push back which I will always be glad that I contributed to in my own small way.
The tragedy still unfolding in Gaza is a third party issue in that it does not affect me directly, neither is there anyone I can push back against directly either. Even if I could force the UK government to say or do what I wanted, what would actually make a difference in the Middle East? If my influence did make a difference would it do any good? Or might the situation get worse? Is a quarrel between a Zionist government and a militant Islamic administration any of our business at all?
Should our government demand a ceasefire? There is merit in the claim that an armistice would just freeze an unresolved situation and ultimately perpetuate suffering and instability in the area. It may be that the conflict centered on Gaza, and coming to the surface in many other parts of the Middle East, not least in the West Bank and on the boarder with Lebanon, needs to be fully worked out before there can be any kind of peace. It is not a matter of who is in the right and who is in the wrong. The development of Israel over the past century is the last great European colonial/settler project, and really quite a modest effort compared with the settling of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand.
The European Jews who have settled in Palestine are decedents of Eastern Europeans who converted to Judaism over 1000 years ago. It is the Palestinians who are the descendants of the historic population of what was Israel, many of whom converted to Islam during the 400 year rule of the Ottoman empire. So, do the European Zionist settlers have the ‘right’ to eliminate any meaningful presence of the native Palestinians in order to complete their colonial project? Didn’t the European settlers do exactly the same thing to the Native Americans of what is now the USA and Canada? And the Maoris and Aboriginal peoples ‘down under’? Are the Zionists really doing anything different in their ‘promised land’ today? The Zionists would very much like it if the Palestinians could be evicted from their homeland and be resettled in Europe and North America. I suppose it could be done, although millions of angry, displaced, people from the Middle
East might be hard to integrate. Their frustration and sense of betrayal might also make co-existence with European and North America Jews problematic. Which is probably all part of the plan, Jews who no longer feel safe in the West can move to Israel where there will be plenty of space for them.
The Zionist settler project is only possible with the unconditional backing of the West, and in particular the USA. Does the USA support Israel because the Zionists have so completely infiltrated and control Western politics? Or, does the USA have its own reasons for wanting Israel to exist? And thus provides so much military, diplomatic, and financial support? There is certainly a symbiotic relationship between Israel and the West, and we just have to recognise the fact. Yet, do we have to accept this relationship? First we have to understand the dynamics in play between the various players, and this is easier said than done.
Honest commentators on the Ukraine/Russia conflict had little problem explaining what was going on and why. The same people are having great difficulty making sense of Gaza and the wider conflict in the area. Commenting on Russia is easy. The Russians tell you exactly what they are going to do, and then they do it. When it comes to Israel we need to remember the Mossad (Israel’s inteligence service) motto. ‘By deception thou shalt make war.’ If you are going to make any sense of Israel and her intentions and actions you must first see through the deception.
PS One thing I am pretty sure of is that the Zionist treatment of the Palestinian is an experiment in subjugating a large number of people. Tyrants, and would be tyrants, everywhere will have been studying this real time test of oppression and social control with great interest. The lessons learned will be applied far and wide. At the 2024 Stavcamp I want to look particularly at freedom. What is freedom? What are the threats to freedom. How can freedom be protected? What is the cost of recovering freedom once it is lost? More details here http://stavcamp.org/

Some useful links
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