A week of music, day one with the Carpenters

Published: Mon, 04/26/21

Hi ,
I had a long drive on Saturday and it gave me time to think. One idea that came to me was to post links every day for a week to music videos on Youtube which might cheer you up. I am going to do it, but I also realised that each of the songs I would like to share has a bitter sweet association. I think you will see what I mean.
Lets begin with this from 1975 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evETS8_WFGE

Beautiful song composed by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis. Arranged as only Richard Carpenter could. Amazing camera work and editing for the video with no fancy special effects. Karen Carpenter at her best with that voice that still breaks my hear nearly half a century after I first heard it.

I was 11 in 1970, so the 70s were going to be a rather important decade for me. There were economic problems, industrial unrest, the troubles in Northern Ireland, and the Vietnan war did not end until 1975. It was also a great time to be young and discovering a world that had a lot to offer. And Karen Carpenter to fall in love with. I guess part of me still is, sad but true.