All aboard the runaway train

Published: Sun, 10/03/21

Unstoppable (2010) was a film about a fully loaded freight train which rolls down hill with no one at the controls. A veteran train driver played by Densil Washington and his young trainee, played by Chris Pine, set off in an attempt to stop the runaway vehicle before it comes off the rails at a town 100 miles away. A simple idea and it makes for quite an entertaining film. The runaway train is also a pretty good metaphor for the state of our world right now.

A conspiracy theory is simply an observation that a story shared by media, government, and involved institutions makes no rational sense and does not fit observable facts. For example compare the fate of WTC 1, 2, and 7 on 911 with that of Grenville tower in London which burned for 60hrs in June 2017 yet the structure remained intact until properly dismantled. (And before anyone says ‘planes’ how many aircraft hit building 7?) The problem with conspiracy theories is not the recognition that we are being lied to, that is a very healthy and necessary response in a crazy world. What then happens is that people start looking for who has been intentionally conspiring to cause a certain effect when really the driver has just gone for a coffee and forgotten to put the brake on. Then the reality of the situation is deliberately obscured to protect those who screwed up. Those who notice the cover up will then tend to project their own version
of reality and start believing it as the ‘truth’. This happens even when the ‘alternative theory’ makes little more sense than the ‘official story’. Then those with an interest in the cover up will encourage and feed the dubious alternative theories which then discredits those who quite correctly questioned the original narrative. This is a well established process of managing the narrative and shaping public understanding of the the world.

An important aspect of managing the narrative is directing attention towards a particular group or person. The idea is created that if only these suspects were properly investigated and brought to justice, truth would be revealed and all would be right with the world once again. Even when such a process seems to happen, such as in the Nuremberg trials following WW2, those who are held responsible will be usually be scapegoats to a greater or lesser degree.

Over the past several hundred years Western society has been creating, perhaps even evolving, a sophisticated system of communication, technology, finance, education, industry, political movements, transport links, legal, military, and security institutions. Obviously a great many people have contributed to the evolution of this system and we remember some of their names, Ford, Keynes, Brunel, Peel, and many others. However, the system itself is complex, adaptive, and self-regulating for the purpose of concentrating wealth, power, and influence. Businesses integrate themselves into the system in order to grow and become profitable. In succeeding as individual businesses they add to the whole system. Rather like an individual plant needing an ecosystem in which to grow, and then adding to the overall biomass as it flourishes. On one level the system is simply an expression of the process of life itself and many of the benefits
in terms of increased wealth, and the conveniences and comforts of modern life have come with it.

However, the system has become global and is accelerating its purpose of concentrating wealth, power, and influence. As this process gathers momentum it becomes more and more like a runaway train which is not going to make it round the curve unless someone puts on the brake. The pharmaceutical industry is just one aspect of the system which needs to make as much money as possible out of ‘health care’. The more drugs and expensive medical procedures are consumed the more money is made. Profits are reinvested in organisations which create and enforce regulations requiring only profitable ‘medicine’ is practiced. Medical schools and medical journals only promote ‘system medicine’ which makes people unhealthy which requires more profitable drugs etc etc. Covid is a hoax disease justifying a massively profitable ‘vaccination’ programme which will make a lot of people genuinely ill and requiring life long medical interventions (mainly
for blood clotting) which means even more profit, power, and influence for the system. There is nothing exceptional about the exploitation of the Covid hoax, it just happens to be particularly blatant example which is playing out right now.

So, what to do? Smash the system? The system is our civilisation with all the webs and structures which make life possible. Recent events in Afghanistan are a kind of reaction to the system, but even the Taliban are going to find it very hard to operate outside it. ‘Blaming the system’ doesn’t really get us any further than blaming individual or group scapegoats.

The first thing we have to recognise is that we do not have an economic, medical, political or any other ‘thing’ problem. What we actually have is a philosophical, knowledge, and spiritual crisis which is accelerating the runaway system. We are all part of the system, so it is up to us to choose how we respond to the system.

On a philosophical level we have to think critically and understand how the system works on a principles level. We have to seek out the best sources of knowledge and accept that the start of finding the truth is simply to admit that you do not know. When you can start your search for knowledge with a genuinely open mind you might just discover something useful.

Taking control of our lives within the system is a spiritual journey. Starting any journey needs a destination of some kind. So, how do we decide which direction we should set out in? I would suggest that your best starting point is to make a choice between serving God, who is and represents the highest purpose of which you are capable, or serving mammon, which means chasing the ephemeral rewards of this world such as financial ‘security’, status in the eyes other people, and popularity. If you are serving God then you will listen to your inner guide and follow the truth as it is revealed to you. Sometimes you will find yourself fighting the system and you may even get the chance to put the brakes on in a small way. If many people are prepared to do God’s work then the runaway train can be brought back under control and once again be of service to mankind.

To serve mammon you need to be ‘politically correct’ which means that you must ensure that your thoughts, and how you express them, conform to the expectations of the herd as it rides the runaway locomotive.

No one is in charge of the system, it has its own directive which it works towards using the energy of those who choose to serve it. Each of us is in charge of our choice to serve the higher purpose, or ride the runaway train to our mutual destruction.

Maybe we are here for no other purpose than to make and live out that choice.



PS In my next post I will explain the end game as I see it and a very simple way that the system can easily be derailed.

PPS This is a spiritual conflict, beautifully expressed here