new vid: what is oxidative stress and how can you minimize or eliminate it?

Published: Wed, 06/21/23


Wow, so much going on these days it's such a task just figuring out what to cover...

A lot of DISTRACTIONS that's for sure!

This new video is one where I share some real fundamentals to maintaining vital mitochondrial and metabolic health so there should be some good info for you regardless of where you are at.

You can see it right here

Incidentally I've probably spent over 100 hours on this video so I do hope you like it but also please hit reply and share your thoughts on it once you watch it.

I may do a few additional final edits on it before it goes on youtube - also may also cut it up into a few videos...

In the past couple weeks I've also reposted a number of interesting videos including a 10 part series that I edited from Dr Steven Greer's press conference on UFO/electro-gravity technology disclosure.

My thoughts on this are that these technologies are real, highly suppressed in order to support profiteering on obsolete oil reserves for energy and to continue the suppression of a free society.

That being said I think the "disclosure" that is likely ongoing will be guided by the "powers that be" in order to lead the public to believe there is an alien threat which I don't believe to be the case.

Another typical false-flag deception for a real phenomenon that is ongoing.

You can see all these videos on my channel on bitchute:

What is Oxidative Stress & How Can You Minimize or Eliminate It?

More videos are coming - I mention one in the oxidative stress video but that one still needs some more editing.

And happy summer solstice! First day of summer and we are back to summer weather here in Oregon again today!

Best of Health,

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What is Oxidative Stress & How Can You Minimize or Eliminate It?

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