the great awakening & unknown truths podcast announcement

Published: Wed, 06/07/23


The Great Awakening film premiere is taking the web by storm and I personally believe this one will be an unstoppable force of awakening across the globe!

Our post for this film includes not only the full documentary film (this is the third film in Mikki Willis' Plandemic Series) as well as the Red Carpet interviews from the premiere last weekend as well as this historical film from about 50 years ago with G. Edward Griffin.

You can see it right here

If you haven't seen the film yet go ahead and bookmark that page and spend the time with it (about 1.5 hours) and you'll be glad you did.

The other video that I'd like you to consider watching is my announcement about my new show "Unknown Truths Podcast" which tells you about the details.

That video is here on my youtube channel here:

When you see it you'll see the show will be taking place primarily on the new Rumble channel which is here:

Please bear with me on that Rumble channel when you follow it because at the moment it is still syncing with the youtube channel. This takes days to sync and once it does all my older videos from youtube will also be there.

Rumble has proven itself to be truly anti-censorship so I'm focusing on this channel and posting my videos there from here on out and just short snippets will be on youtube.

Anyway, here are the recent videos and posts on KnowingTheTruth:

The Great Awakening World Premiere:

Unknown Truths Podcast Announcement:

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More videos are coming - some have already been filmed just need some editing!

Wishing you a happy spring from a very summery western Oregon!

Best of Health,

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Unknown Truths Podcast Announcement:

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