Nitrilosides - the Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer

Published: Wed, 12/13/23


Last week you may have noticed the email I sent you about nitrilosides which I sincerely consider a missing link in human health.

The new website we launched about this was working, then it went down, then was working again, then down - what a rollercoaster!

My sincere apologies for that but the good news is that has all been fixed now and it's now been solid for a few days, and part 2 is now ready!

Part 2 of my series on Nitrilosides at is about the Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer. This part is a bit technical which is why I plan to do some videos and likely some interviews with experts on this subject to explain it. 

Maybe you're a doctor or professional researcher or you know some? Please share this because this information is really needed right now.

This will be an ongoing subject for me and in addition to these reports that will be provided (for zero charge) as long as I can get away with it for you as a subscriber on my new system.

Please keep in mind that the old, extremely rare, photocopied books I'm pulling these reports from are NOT public domain. I'm giving away this info as fair-use but a copyright holder could shut me down anytime.

This information is the key info that pharma does not want you to know - seriously the most hidden health info from decades ago.

So please subscribe here as soon as you can and get these PDFs on your local computer while you can.

Videos will follow but not likely until I finish Part 5 or 6 of this series.

I can't wait to hear your feedback on this series of reports, it's probably some of the most important work I've done in my career of over 20 years.

Please note that we are still finalizing the registration of our phone number to send text links for the downloads, you'll get an email first then the text will follow as soon as we are able and that should be as soon as later this week, or possibly next week at the latest.

Blessings to you for the rest of your week!

Best of Health,

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Here's some of that I said in the last email in case you missed it:

While the subject of nitrilosides should be familiar to everyone who cares about human health this information has been strategically hidden for well over 50 years.

This isn't hype, it's the absolute truth.

This information has been scrubbed so thoroughly and replaced by misinformation that has convinced generations that cyanide is ALWAYS a poison.

Wait isn't the difference between a nutrient and poison the dosage?

If we didn't use this logic every pharma product would be outlawed, right?

Recently I came across a trove of historical books on the subject of nitrilosides, present in most all terrestrial plants and in the diets of wild animals across the planet.

Have you ever thought of why wild animals don't get cancer until they are in a zoo? I now believe this is the missing link so I'm preparing a series of reformatted historical documents which I'm calling "Nitrilosides The Forbidden Treatment Revealed"

I'm sharing them here

I've got about 100 hours in cleaning up these documents and this will continue likely for the next month while I prepare additional reports. This first one is a 25 page report but you'll get them all when you subscribe on my new platform. I know it's lame to ask you to "re-subscribe" but this project is important enough that it will be 100% on the new (more modern) platform that I'll be moving my entire business to in 2024.

Summing it up...
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