new video - organic silica for aluminum detox

Published: Thu, 11/16/23


It feels like it's been ages but behind the scenes here it's been lots of work on videos and this one (all others in the future) has captions!

After all the distractions of summer and a few setbacks with some banking drama which I won't get into here just because it's stupid I'm catching up on some video production.

You can check out my new video here

This new video is one where I get deep into silica supplementation, mmst, horsetail extracts and why I've been so into silica supplementation for decades now.

Since this is the first upload to this particular youtube channel in quite some time - hopefully it won't be another censored video.

Youtube has been getting rather frustrating - the other day when I logged in there was a strike for a super old video I did on B17. This has been very suppressed by bigtech lately so it shouldn't be surprising. Shopify payments forced me to take these products off my store which is ultimately going to push me off shopify in order to avoid censorship of my product line (I still carry these products for phone sales btw).

When I got this youtube strike I went thru their indoctrination training and made a video which I will be sharing soon on rumble.

Also, next week I will try to throw together some holiday specials.

I hope you like this new video - you can also subscribe to youtube here

Always lots of new videos on my bitchute channel most days so you can keep up with those here:

Organic Silica for Aluminum Detox, Boosting Collagen Production and more:

Now that I got the captions figured out on this video more captioned videos will be forthcoming.

Best of Health,

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