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Published: Tue, 08/31/21

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The Anne Report brings you up to date on Anne’s latest activities. The Main Article, The Third I, speaks of the false selves and the one true self. Today’s Anne Talk is Wisdom. Watch Anne’s video to learn the secret behind EZosophy. Click to see Anne’s Art. Today’s Dr. Money Talk is I Am the Leader. Of What? Anne shares an easy way to stop false thoughts in their tracks. Click to see the Quotes, Quips, & Thoughts. The Featured Product This Month highlights Anne’s fourth book, Words Make a Difference. Click to learn about EZosophy. Click to learn about Anne’s Abundance Affirmations. Click for Shareables From Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Schedule. Click to Schedule Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Services.

Anne’s 8 Word Miracle Mantra: “Everything can be EZ or at least EZier.  Anne Sermons Gillis

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Living EZosophy, August 31, 2021
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  The Anne Report

The Anne Report

Dear ,

The twins came this weekend. We went to the Fire Museum, which was incredible, and went to the pool. There were so many old fire trucks and two animated, cleverly done shows on avoiding fires in the home. All kinds of gizmos in the shows, including smoke, water on the audience, moving parts, and sounds. Impressive.

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Fire Museum Firetruck
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Sunday everyone but I went on a family boating trip. It didn’t seem fair, having to miss that trip, but I enjoyed facilitating the class on the stoic philosophy of Seneca. I thought Seneca was Native American until we started studying him. I attend a Raleigh Theosophical Society zoom lodge meeting when I can. The conversations are always enlivening and thought provocative.

Thomas went straight to the craft area when he arrived. He made this elaborate dragon. The mouth even opens and has a tongue inside. And that’s it for the Anne report.

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Thomas’ Dragon
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  Main Article

The Third I

Three “I’s?” Let me explain. There’s the I that I think I am, the I others think I am, and the third I. The third I is the most relevant. It is the I of the divine and our true identity. The I that I think I am, the first I, rules our lives. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to recognize that we are not a composite of our thoughts, feelings, judgments, approvals, or disapprovals. Who knows how many lifetimes we have been spiritually jogging? We grow up, learn how to navigate our world, and step into some role set forth by our society. It is not until we hit challenges or crises that we find that who we thought we were, was not equipped to handle all the vicissitudes that life provides. If we can’t handle life, then who or what can? Certainly, we are not thrown to the wolves of life with no recourse. These crisis points in our lives pull us deeper, and it is in the depths of our being, that we begin to discover who we are.

The second I is who others think we are. They see us in certain roles. I am a mother, a sister, a teacher, a seeker, but everyone has their opinion of who we are. Some people want us to change, to be something else, and, though others pigeonhole us, expect things of us, or even discount us, the animation of these ideas is mainly a conversation in our heads. We imagine what others think of us. We patrol our minds looking for their disapproval. We take an innocent look on their face and see it as a slam, as we scurry to defend our honor. What is this honor? It is the belief that I am right, I am OK, and I am good. Certainly, your action tells me you believe none of these things to be true, so I will defend, justify, and attack. I will settle this once and for all and make you shut the hell up. There is no need to get bent out of shape about this. It’s normal. It is within our relationships with others that we get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are reactors in the beginning steps of our divinity. But when we do our work, we step out of our roles, and meet our friends face-to-face. We see in their faces the shining light of freedom and remember, through tears of joy, who we really are. What others think of us, and how we internalize these beliefs, becomes a fertile part of the garden of our souls.

Now we come to the third I. It is the real I. It’s more than a me. The real I is something that is sacred, that is shared with everything, with everyone in all creation. The real I is everything. There are no words to describe this I, but it lies beneath all thoughts and beliefs. This sweet spot of who we are is equally present in all form and even in the void, yet it communicates to us, because it is a wiser, more expended version of who we are. Ramana Marharshi reminds us of vichara. Vichara is the practice of self-inquiry. It is the practice of asking ourselves, “Who am I?” It is not a question to be answered by the first or second I; it is a practice to be answered by the third I. And the answer has no words, because vichara points us to a wordless experience of who we are, when we are stripped of roles, beliefs, and circumstances. The third I stands alone.

There is a term in metaphysics called the ring pass-not. It is the limits set by our beliefs and ideas, and it limits us from the full expression and experience of who we are. The ring pass-not serves as a barrier that separates the first and second I from the third I. Gottfried de Purucker defines the ring pass-not as “a general term applicable to any state in which an entity, having reached a certain stage of evolutionary growth of the unfolding of consciousness, finds itself unable to pass into a still higher state because of some delusion under which the consciousness is laboring, be that delusion mental or spiritual.” That barrier begins to expand when we partake in the mystical arts of meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness. Once a person expands her consciousness, she enters the land of the mystic, and the lines between the finite and infinite blur.

When we begin to wake up from the concretized version of who we thought we were and from our beliefs about what we think others think about us, we not only think outside the box; we begin the arduous process of climbing out of a box that only existed in our beliefs. This is the journey of the spiritual aspirant – to move beyond the first and second I, because when we do, everything becomes EZier and EZier.

  Quotes, Quips, & Thoughts

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“Books are waiting to be written. Thus, it was my privilege to bring this book to the world. It brought with it such grace and love. Words Make a Difference sparkles with aliveness and blessing and delivers the perfect information under perfect timing. We are called not only to heal ourselves and those around us, we are destined to hold a vision for the world. This book commands us to be architects of a brave new future and lights a path for us to follow.” Anne Sermons Gillis

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I Am the Leader. Of What?

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Today’s Dr. Money Talk is I Am the Leader. Of What?. Anne shares an easy way to stop false thoughts in their tracks. 2:42

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