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The best foods to feed for Fall

Published: Thu, 10/03/19

Dear Pet Parent, Well it seems we are in a perpetual summer season. Yet, the body knows that we should be transitioning into autumn. Autumn is an e…

Is your pet a damp mess?

Published: Thu, 08/01/19

Dear Pet Parent,The Damp Season is upon us!We have officially crossed over into the Earth's element. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, the Earth…

Fireworks and Fur Babies Don't Mix

Published: Thu, 06/27/19

THE FOURTH OF JULY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER Dear Pet Parent,We hope you all get time away from work to rela and enjoy friends, family and your four…

The Summer Solstice is TOMORROW!

Published: Thu, 06/20/19

Dear Pet Parent, All of us here at Well Being Medicine are gearing up for summer. We are beyond e cited to be working this summer in our new…


Published: Thu, 04/25/19

Dear Pet Parent,It's that time of year to talk about the super pests we all have to deal with here in the south..FLEAS!!!I don't know if there's…

Liver Detox

Published: Thu, 02/28/19

Dear Pet Parent, It's still not too late to hit the reset button! As most of you know, spring is the time to cleanse the liver. In TCVM, the liver is…

'Tis the Season for Bone Broth

Published: Thu, 01/24/19

Dear Pet Parent,In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seasons and seasonal changes are e tremely important for proper Qi "Chi" flow through the body.

Don't let the holidays get you down

Published: Thu, 12/06/18

Dear Pet Parent, Wow, I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by! It's hard to believe we've already moved into the holiday season. As we…

Happy and Healthy Pet Parents

Published: Thu, 11/01/18

Dear Pet Parent,This email is for you! Just the other night in the office, I was mi ing up an herbal powder for a patient when the container slipped…

Hooray for Ozone Therapy

Published: Mon, 10/22/18

Dear Pet Parent,I can't remember a time I've been this e cited about something!As many of you know, I was finally able to receive my training and…

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