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Navigating Life's Turning Points

SwaffWords© for 1/14/22—"Drama vs.Trauma"

Published: Fri, 01/14/22

"Drama vs. Trauma" Share / Read Online And here we are—already halfway through January. I hope you're continuing to ease into this new year and you're…

SwaffWords© for 12/23/21—"Taking Leave"

Published: Thu, 12/23/21

"Taking Leave" Share / Read Online Welcome to winter… And so we begin to move back into the light, while at the same time, we're winding down from…

SwaffWords© for 12/10/21—"Silences"

Published: Fri, 12/10/21

"Silences" Share / Read Online Before December winds down, I want to plant a seed that we can carry over from this year into the ne t: the power of…

SwaffWords© for 11/26/21—"Moving Day"

Published: Fri, 11/26/21

"Moving Day" Share / Read Online And so November winds down… This is often the time of year when we consider how we're going to be moving forward into…

SwaffWords© for 11/12/21—"Kindsight"

Published: Fri, 11/12/21

"Kindsight" Share / Read Online Here's to November! And no, "Kindsight" is not a typo. Yes, we've all heard (and no doubt used the phrase more than…

SwaffWords© for 10/22/21—"Getting There"

Published: Fri, 10/22/21

"Getting There" Share / Read Online Welcome to the waning days of October… Here's a question we've all been guilty of asking—more times than we'd like…

SwaffWords© for 10/08/21—"Falling Down"

Published: Fri, 10/08/21

"Falling Down" Share / Read Online Hello and welcome— While "falling down" seems like an ominous way to move into October, it's something we do…

SwaffWords© for 9/10/21—"Crisis"

Published: Fri, 09/10/21

"Crisis" Share / Read Online Welcome to September— We've moved through Labor Day, are in the midst of the Jewish New Year, and the Autumn Equino is…

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