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Sun Into Libra 2016: Sense And Sensibility

Published: Thu, 09/22/16

Elizabeth's Oracle Sun Into Libra 2016 Edition Hello, Happy Equino . The astrological winds of new opportunities are finally beginning to blow.

Sun Into Virgo 2016: The Big Reveal

Published: Mon, 08/22/16

Welcome to Elizabeth's Oracle Sun Into Virgo 2016 Edition Welcome and Happy Birthday to our Virgos, The Sun is heading into thoughtful, meticulous…

Sun Into Leo 2016: Shake, Rattle & Roar

Published: Fri, 07/22/16

Welcome to Elizabeth's Oracle Sun Into Leo 2016 Edition Welcome to the Leo cycle! Amidst the outer chaos, I hope that the nurturing wisdom of Cancer…

Sun Into Gemini 2016: Blowin' In The Wind

Published: Fri, 05/20/16

Sun Into Gemini 2016 Hello,Welcome to the Gemini cycle and happy birthday to all of you Twins in the audience. This one features the end of Mercury's…

Sun Into Taurus 2016: Staying Grounded

Published: Tue, 04/19/16

Sun Into Taurus 2016 Greetings, Welcome to the Taurus cycle of 2016 and happy birthday to our Taurus readers. This fi ed earth sign of astrology…

Sun Into Aries 2016: Measured Progress

Published: Fri, 03/18/16

Sun Into Aries 2016 Happy Spring 2016, Thank you as always for subscribing and welcome aboard to our new readers. As the Sun moves into the fire sign…

Sun Into Pisces 2016: Dream A Little Dream

Published: Thu, 02/18/16

For the latest astrology news, click here. Home Readings Contact Music Sun Into Pisces 2016 Edition Hello, With the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Venus,…

Sun Into Capricorn 2015-16: The Climb

Published: Tue, 12/22/15

For the latest astrology news, click here. Home Readings Contact Music Sun Into Capricorn 2015-16 Edition Happy Holidays! If you are as swamped with…

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