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Fairy tales for children of all ages

Published: Fri, 04/16/21

I heard a comment the other day suggesting that fairy stories may be the best way to understand our world at the turn of the ages. Sleeping beauty is…

Finding the missing peices one by one

Published: Thu, 04/08/21

A second Easter without opportunities for participating in a live Easter morning church service. I am sure that there was an event I could have gone…

An easy life?

Published: Wed, 03/31/21

Considering how many people have had children over human history it seems a bit indulgent to go on about one’s own e perience of becoming a parent.

The greatest good?

Published: Mon, 03/29/21

In the late 1950s a drug came on the market called Thalidomide. Originally developed by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal GmbH this…

The last real king

Published: Wed, 03/24/21

A couple of weeks ago there was a minor diversion last week from the trials and tribulations of covid etc. Apparently a well known couple, Megan and…

A world where children come first

Published: Sun, 02/28/21

Our daughter Iduna will soon be 15 months. I am not sure if parenthood actually changes you as a person, but the intimate presence of a little person…

The King who never was

Published: Sun, 02/21/21

On the 6th of May 1910 King Edward the seventh died. He was 69 years old and had reigned for nine years since his mother, Queen Victoria died in 1901.

Giving money away

Published: Sun, 02/14/21

I have a collection of African spears and bow which came from my father’s old scout troop, the 6th Hornsey, in North London. The story goes that one…

Tearing down the curtain

Published: Sun, 02/07/21

I have shared this story before, but I think it is time to share it again. In 1997 I spent a few weeks of the summer working on a language school…

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