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Where Did All The Good Men Come From?

Published: Thu, 11/10/22

Hey brother, Yes. Even if you're married you can learn from the mistakes and lessons learned from divorced guys. You can have warmer evenings, spicier…

Wife Said She Doesn't Like To Be Touched

Published: Wed, 11/09/22

Hey brother, You know that feeling when a woman spontaneously strokes the back of your neck?Then she slowly carves out a pattern on the back of your…

The Cure For Your Frustrating Sex Life

Published: Tue, 11/08/22

Hey brother, True story...I couldn’t make this stuff up.Meet “Brian”.Hardworking, kind-hearted, dutiful father and under-se ed husband of 15…

How I Once Argued for 3X More Intimacy

Published: Sun, 11/06/22

Hey,This is not a lie.In 1998 I came up with an argument for 3 times more se than I was having at the time.I actually had "data". I did some research.

Stuck In An Unaffectionate Marriage?

Published: Sat, 11/05/22

Hey brother, I want to talk with you about creating the kind of life and relationship you really, really want.I didn’t say “getting” the life you want…

Attraction Secrets: Don't Apologise!

Published: Thu, 10/27/22

Hey brother, Are you tired of saying “I’m sorry” and getting nothing in return?A common complaint men have about women is that they never say they’re…

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