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Study with me in January

Published: Wed, 12/01/21

~ Living in Love ~ Hello Friend, I hope today finds you well and at ease in your world. This is not an easy task today considering all the stands…

Fall Blessings and a Free Sadhana

Published: Wed, 09/15/21

~ Living in Love ~ Hello Friend, I hope today finds you well and living with much peace and love in your heart. My favorite season is upon…

Spring Greetings, Greenings, and a Video

Published: Sat, 04/10/21

~ Living in Love ~ Hello Friend, It's Spring where I live and I am feeling the thrill of its soulful call: Holy Newness. 'Let us begin again', it…

Hearing the Call to Turn Inward - Are You?

Published: Wed, 02/10/21

~ Living in Love ~ Hello Friend, It's deep mid-winter here. I love winter's stillness, the restful quiet that comes as the snow gently falls on the…

May the Magic of Christmas Be Yours

Published: Thu, 12/24/20

Happy Holidays from My Heart to Yours! Dear Friend, I am sending you many blessings for gentle and meaningful holidays. May the Spirit of Christmas…

What Is Your Prayer?

Published: Fri, 09/11/20

Rolling Out More Goodness~ Hello Friend, It's been quite a while since we have been in contact. Like you I imagine, life has become something we rise…

Stay-at-Home-Retreat with Me on May 9

Published: Thu, 04/30/20

~Rolling Out More Goodness~ Opportunities for Connecting ~ Staying Calm, Clear and Wise Together Hello Friend, The Shelter-in-Place order continues…

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