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A Story of Coffee Spoons

Published: Tue, 08/03/21

How to Help People Become More Successful through Choice Architecture As a product manager I want to make beneficial behaviors easier to do so I can…

New Features are Rarely the Answer

Published: Tue, 07/27/21

How to think about impact. As a product manager I want to be able to separate impact from engineering time so I can have the best possible backlog. If…

Life Lessons from a Lapsed Surfer

Published: Sun, 08/30/20

Life lessons from a lapsed surfer. I spent some time over the last couple of days at the shore. In between bouts of rela ing in the sand and splashing…

This one's about progress.

Published: Sat, 03/02/19

View in browser Progress Last week, I mentioned a project I was working on to build a fun and inclusive avatar generator for email signature (and…

This one's a little different.

Published: Sat, 02/16/19

View in browser This edition's a little different. Note: Creating this edition was made way easier thanks to an update to Curate, the app I use to…

Don’t go it alone.

Published: Thu, 01/31/19

View in browser Don’t go it alone.Share what you know and bring others along with you. Last year, when Liz was away for a conference, our 9 year old…