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Complete at last and only nine months late

Published: Sat, 07/09/22

It has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that, I have been concentrating on finishing the last two modules of the Ice and Fire Stav…

Ethical magic?

Published: Sat, 05/07/22

Had a great camp on the weekend of the 23rd S. Not a massive number of people, but everyone was friendly and easy to get along with. It didn’t rain…

The blurred line between fact and fiction

Published: Thu, 04/21/22

The West Wing was an American TV show with a total of 155 episodes and ran from 1999 to 2006. The title referred to the ‘west wing’ of the White House…

Good and bad operations

Published: Mon, 04/11/22

Disclaimer, the events I am describing didn’t actually happen, I am just using illustrations to make a point. (I should not need to say it, but…

Love thy neighbour?

Published: Sun, 04/03/22

A neighbour has been building a small e tension to his kitchen, single storey and probably not more than three metres square. The brickwork was…

So, who is on the side of the angels?

Published: Wed, 03/09/22

I have been over thinking about writing about what is going on in the Ukraine. There is so much information coming thick and fast it is hard to say…

How Odin beat Iduna to the font

Published: Fri, 02/11/22

Our daughter Iduna was due to be baptised at the Methodist Church I belong to on the 29th of March 2020. Everything was arranged with the church for…

When will we ever learn?

Published: Mon, 01/10/22

As I mentioned in previous emails I have been reading Reinhold Niebuhr’s 1938 book entitled ‘Beyond Tragedy’. Niebuhr himself was born and lived in…

Reasons for hope

Published: Fri, 12/24/21

We have been staying in Norfolk for a few days before Christmas. A family funeral and a chance for Iduna to spend time with her grand parents. To the…

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