Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

Crazy Lady in a Hot Pink Bathrobe

Published: Tue, 09/20/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Rush hour commuters did not e pect to witness Lolita being chased by a crazy woman in a hot pink bathrobe! Crazy Lady in a Hot Pink…

Backpack Pup!

Published: Tue, 09/13/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Gil’s bike riding pal, Ziv, enjoys their outings with the paws-pects of arriving at a beach or dog park. Backpack Pup Gil’s nine-…

A Squirrelly Dog

Published: Tue, 09/06/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Sonja and Ben’s nightly ritual is a bit squirrelly. A Squirrelly Dog Dogs CAN see in the dark! They love chasing glow in the dark…

Dexter Dog is Famous!

Published: Sun, 08/28/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales De ter, an inspirational and ‘upright’ dog, was featured in a Pet Smart commercial and on CBS Sunday Morning. De ter is Famous! De…

Valuable HOT Weather PET Tips

Published: Mon, 07/25/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales - HOT Weather Tips Keep Pets Safe this Summer Greenhill Humane Society reminds pet parents of the importance of summer pet safety.

Medicine Horse

Published: Mon, 06/20/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man,” Winston Churchill. Joy shareshow Di ie is…

Cat Daddy AKA Mr. Angelscribe

Published: Mon, 06/13/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mr. Angelscribe (old) with Whyspurr, 19-years-old, celebrating 46 years of him being an awesome cat daddy. Cat Daddy! Mr.

Tripod 'Kitty'

Published: Mon, 06/06/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales A tripod ‘Kitty’ with her black and white shadow, Samuel. Tripod 'Kitty' One day, a shy stray ‘Kitty’ mysteriously arrived at…

Mighty Flynn's Fast Recovery!

Published: Mon, 05/23/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mighty Flynn's Fast Recovery! In 2020, the year famous for ‘OH. OH’s’, Keeli’s cat, Flynn, began limping. A trip to the…

Prison ‘Soup’

Published: Mon, 05/16/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Leigh’s dog, Soup, is famous for breaking ‘into’ prison! Prison 'Soup'! Most dogs that do something ‘bad’ lower their heads and…

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