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Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Published: Tue, 08/17/21

Hi Every One, Jack of all trades, master of none is often used as an insult. But did you know that the original e pression was: A jack of all trades…

The State Of Yoga Energy

Published: Wed, 07/28/21

Hi Every One, It’s been a little while since you all heard from us via email. You might of course have seen our redesigned and highly improved YouTube…

FREE Yoga Class This Monday!

Published: Sat, 04/17/21

Kristine is finishing our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training and would like to teach some classes at the studio this Monday April 19. Please, reply to this…

An Ayurvedic Look at Violence

Published: Thu, 04/01/21

In 1999, in Pinellas County (Florida) home invasions of jewelry store owners had increased dramatically. Millions of dollars worth of jewelry was…

Football, Australia and The Throat Chakra

Published: Mon, 02/08/21

Those of you who know us outside the studio, most likely know that I am more familiar with the American football scene than Tim is. I learned a lot…

Realistic Training

Published: Mon, 01/25/21

As most of you know Tim was in the police department for many years. During that time, he was placed in charge of training the SWAT team of his own…

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor

Published: Tue, 01/12/21

As I sit here and type this newsletter, overlooking the beautiful Georgia mountains, I can't stop but marvel at nature's wonders. I see tons of…

Is It Time For Ayurveda?

Published: Tue, 01/05/21

Have you ever been involved in a conversation or a situation that left you feeling that it was nothing more than a complete and utter waste of your…

Housekeeping for Your Soul

Published: Mon, 12/28/20

As the new year approaches, tradition has it that we will set goals, that we will not fulfill. History has showed that there are multiple reasons this…

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