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What's On Your Mind?

Published: Thu, 03/10/22

As I was getting ready to start writing this message, I was summoned outside by one of my favorite avian friends. He would not stop calling me. He…

This New Moon Sucks But In A Great Way.

Published: Thu, 03/03/22

May this message find you all feeling healthy, wealthy, and wise. Yesterday (March 2), we had the honor of e periencing another auspicious New Moon.

Are We Doomed?

Published: Thu, 02/24/22

Even though Tim and I like to stick with what history and old traditions have taught us, we still understand and accept the urgent need for…

Happy Full Moon In More Ways Than One!

Published: Thu, 02/17/22

A little while ago, one of our long-time students and a great friend (you know who you are) told us that every time they train with us "it all boils…

I was invited to a Show!

Published: Thu, 02/10/22

Even though the Old Farmer's Almanac calls February the Snow Moon, and for a good reason (on average, February is United States’ snowiest month,…

Tim Makes An Ayurvedic Hot Toddy

Published: Thu, 02/03/22

It's been a wonderful week here on the mountain, sunny days, starry nights and low enough temperatures for Ayurvedic hot toddies. Not to mention the…

Placed Among The Stars

Published: Thu, 01/27/22

When was the last time you looked up in the sky and marveled at its beauty? It appears that our ancestors used to watch the sky on a regular basis.

The Key To Paradise

Published: Thu, 01/20/22

By now, I am probably going to sound like a broken record. :) Your health depends on the amount of electrons that you "feed" your mitochondria. The…

Insane In The Membrane

Published: Mon, 01/17/22

A few years ago, Tim and I got to participate at one of the most ground breaking and least well-known trainings / events ever. It was in Austin, TX…

Time Is On Your Side

Published: Fri, 01/14/22

Hi Every One! One of our most favorite e periences being in the North Georgia mountains is the morning greeting we receive by our local winged…

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