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Metabolism Healing 101 Starts Tomorrow

Published: Mon, 09/12/22

I hope you are having a great start to your September. It always feels like new beginnings to me. During this time of year Amy and I usually do a…

Prevention mode activated

Published: Tue, 09/06/22

Hi there, I cannot believe we are this close to 2023. 2019 seems like just yesterday. My practice has changed significantly in the last 3 years. Over…

Why is my metabolism slowling down?

Published: Mon, 09/05/22

Hello again, Have you ever thought - “my metabolism is slowing down?” I bet you have. I think most of us have to some degree. After completing my…

Start my metabolism course this Fall

Published: Fri, 09/02/22

Metabolism Healing 101 with Dr. David Duizer ND - Metabolism E pert Hi everyone! We hope you are all doing well. We wanted to take this opportunity to…

This or that - fasted or fed cardio?

Published: Fri, 10/22/21

This or That - Fasted or Fed Cardio? We get asked a lot whether or not our cardio should be fasted or fed. It's an e cellent question. The reason it…

Top 5 Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Published: Wed, 10/20/21

Top 5 Vegetarian Sources of Protein Maintaining muscle mass on a healthy weight loss program is absolutely essential. Without maintaining or gaining…

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