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Great Shift Blog #9 On Living in 4D

Published: Thu, 05/28/15

Great Shift Blog #9On Living in 4DMay 28, 2015Dear Fellow TravelersLately I've felt like a juggler with so may balls in the air I'm not even sure how…

Great Shift Blog Special Message

Published: Sun, 03/15/15

Great Shift Blog Special MessageMarch 15, 2015Dear Fellow Travelers,Higher dimensional sources in which I place a high degree of confidence continue…

Great Shift Blog #8 On Reality and Illusion

Published: Tue, 02/17/15

Great Shift Blog #8On Reality and IllusionFebruary 17, 2015Dear Fellow TravelersMany spiritual traditions teach that the life we e perience in…

Great Shift Blog #7 On Manifestation

Published: Wed, 01/28/15

Great Shift Blog #7On ManifestationJanuary 28, 2015Dear Fellow Travelers,Lately I've seen and heard a fair amount about 2015 being the Year of…

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