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How to Enjoy a Mindful Holiday Season

Published: Wed, 12/12/18

Hi, I hope you are well. The holiday season can be a bustling time of the year. As life gets hectic, our brains rush to make decisions, and it's not…

Considering Our Words Before Speaking

Published: Wed, 11/28/18

Hi, I hope you're well. As the holidays continue on, it's good to consider how the way we communicate with the people we come in contact. The way we…

Stressed About Holiday Travel?

Published: Wed, 11/21/18

Hi, I hope you are well today. The holiday season is starting - happy almost-Thanksgiving to all Americans here. At this time, many of us have plans…

The Key Mindset for Habit Change

Published: Wed, 10/24/18

Hi, I hope you are well today! Have you ever noticed yourself rehashing difficult interactions or e periences? Our brains often magnify the negative,…

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